After the gifts have

After the gifts have been opened
After the tree is gone After the
carols have faded May the happiness
linger on.  Merry Christmas

Your kiss takes me

Your kiss takes me to some other world of love
When I feel the passion of the moment
Come let us kiss under the mistletoe
To seal our love forever my love
Waiting for that moment to come
When you will be near me
I love you so much
Wishing a Merry Christmas to you
With a lovely New Year too!

Christmas Blessings,

Christmas Blessings,
Wishing you
the Gladness of Christmas,
which is Hope,
the Spirit of Christmas,
which is Peace,
the Essence of Christmas,
which is Love.

Merry Christmas! Isn’t

Merry Christmas!
Isn’t it fun To say “Merry Christmas” To everyone?
Time for a party And presents and things
That make children happy And give their hearts wings!

May the wonder of His grace

May the wonder of His grace,
reveal its magnificence in you
may the gratefulness you feel
be in all you say and do.

Let Christmas’ true meaning,
bring your Savior near today
may you see the need for Him
today . . . and every day.

Oh My Friends, Be

Oh my friends, be my Santa,
Just like my Mama and Papa.
Gifts and cash are so much welcome,
That would surely bring me so much fun

Santa Claus Is Coming

Santa Claus is coming tonight,
So hurry yourself to bed.
The Jolly Old Elf won’t leave a gift,
If he sees one hair of your head!

You’re The Pre-eminent

You’re the pre-eminent presence in my life
In every conceivable way
Unconditional love I give
To you always, and especially today
Have a wonderful Christmas, my darling

An angel said to Mary

An angel said to Mary, “Fear not.”
And she said, “Let it be done as you say.”
And by the power of the Holy Spirit
She conceived a son that day.

The child within her womb
Was no ordinary babe.
He was the Son of God,
Born into this world to save.

Jesus came to save all sinners
And redeem them for the Lord,
And we celebrate each Christmas
To show Him He is loved and adored

Years Of Christmas Time

Years of Christmas time
My very first memory of Christmas time,
Was back when I was quite young.
Putting up our Christmas tree,
My family I was among.

Then later in my early teens,
My memory is quite the same.
Decorating the Christmas tree,
Closeness a family we came.
Now the years passed with kids of my own,
I find myself thinking back.
Traditions stay strong as I pass them along,
Together we always comeback.