Christmas is mugs of hot cocoa

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Christmas is
mugs of hot cocoa
and a cozy old couch
just snuggled up together
warm and happy

Christmas is
getting a Santa hat
and wearing it everywhere
because you think you look cool
and so does mom, so why not?

Christmas is
hanging ornaments on the tree
that you got late because you’ve been
settling into a new house
but it’s still a tree and who cares

Christmas is
typing up a poem
for your mom because
you love her even though it’s uncomfortable
to write when you’re shy about it

Christmas is
new pajamas and cozy slippers (that you don’t really have but cliche)
watching a corny Christmas movie
and laughing together
no one wants to go to bed

Christmas is
about family more than anything else
I love that because
presents are fun
but what’s the point, if little brother isn’t there to laugh so loudly at your expression
and dad isn’t there to tell him to quiet down because it’s five in the morning
and he’s tired
and mom isn’t there to smile and sip her coffee because it’s five in the morning
and she’s tired
what’s the point if no one’s there to eat dinner quickly and run to your toys
so I’m glad
that I can do all that and smile

Merry Christmas

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