Silly Christmas Poems

Its always good to send silly christmas poems in xmas season. Christmas is the time of blessing and to send silly christmas cards. Here you will find silly christmas poems to write on cards and send to friends. Read our silly christmas poems for kids.

I Love My Toothbrush

I love the way it rubs against my soft pink flesh
and creates a foamy liquid

as it thrusts in and out up and down
I can’t wait for the next time

I love my toothbrush

My Christmas Rosary

My Christmas Rosary I say
For you upon this blessed day;

Each prayer a precious Christmas Rose
To please the Baby Child, who knows

How many joys I wish for you;
May every one of them come true!

I Went To The Pub

I went to the pub with my brother
For a Christmas, lunchtime drink

While my wife cooked the dinner
And washed up at the sink

We got thrown out at 4 o’clock
Full of Christmas cheer and gin

We got home ready for Christmas lunch
And found it in the bin.

There Was A Farmer

There was a farmer named Gary
Whose mule was getting contrary.

Gary painted him red,
A green hat on his head.

There Was A Young Lady

There was a young lady named May
Who was taking a ride in her sleigh.

She ran out of snow,
Her sleigh wouldn’t go.

Old Fellow

There was an old fellow named Claus
With a case of the mid-winter blahs.

Taught his reindeer to fly
So they took to the sky.

Last Night

Last night I found my sweetheart Flo,
Posed neath a spray of mistletoe.

“How come”, said I, “when Christmas Day
Is still a good long week away?”

When Christmas Comes

When christmas comes already yet,
Mit presents large and sweet.

The tings I like in mein stockings best,
By jiminiy, are my feet!