Humorous Christmas Poems

Its always good to send humorous christmas poems in xmas season. Christmas is the time of blessing and to send humorous christmas cards. Here you will find christmas humorous poems to write on cards and send to friends. Read our christmas poems humorous.

Christmas Is A Time

Christmas is a time of joy,
A time for love and cheer,

A time for making memories,
To last throughout the year..

Poinsettia Smiles

Poinsettia smiles in winter.
People know Christmas is nearer.

Yellow pistil with red leaves appear
In all greeting cards every year.

A Chubby Little Snowman

A chubby little snowman
had a carrot nose.
Along came a bunny,
and what do you suppose?

That hungry little bunny,
looking for some lunch,
Grabbed that snowman’s nose,
Nibble, nibble, crunch!

The Elves

All the elves at the North Pole are pooped
Their wee little eyes red and drooped

Making train sets and dolls
High tech toys or round balls.

Moonless Darkness Stands

Moonless darkness stands between.
Past, the Past, no more be seen!

But the Bethlehem-star may lead me
To the sight of Him Who freed me.

At Christmas Time

There’s nothing like Christmas
And woods deep in snow

To make us remember
The dear long ago.