Christmas day poems

Its always good to send christmas day poems in xmas season. Christmas is the time of blessing and to write poems on christmas day on christmas day cards. Here you will find christmas day poems to write on cards and send to friends. Read our funny christmas day poems.

A time of year

A time of year
To think of  love and sharing
A time of peace
For the whole world to cherish
A time to be with all your friends and family
And wish them all
A Merry Christmas

I am so happy

I am so happy
May this Christmas be happy for you,
May you get everything so new,
Good luck from me for days so bright,
Keep calm and have no fright,
Coz Santa is coming your way,
So make the most of it this day,
Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

A good time is coming

A good time is coming,
I wish it were here,
The very best time
in the whole of the year;
I’m counting each day on
my fingers and thumbs
the weeks that must pass
before Santa Claus comes.

I know I’m sometimes thoughtless

I know I’m sometimes thoughtless,
And forget to say and do,
The many little things I should,
To show my love for you,
But since it is Christmas time,
I got (made) this card just to say,
That always, deep within my heart,
I love you more and more each day!

The Tempting Gifts Are Tantalizing

The tempting gifts are tantalizing;
About opening them, we are fantasizing.
The holiday foods are appetizing;
Our excitement and joy are growing and rising;
Our hearts and minds are harmonizing;
Jolly Christmas fun we’re maximizing!

Short Christmas Poems

The Christmas brings memories.
And kindest thoughts untold.
Of friends we may not often see.
But hope to always hold.
So may the greeting be a relation.
In friendship’s valuable chain.
& may there be a Christmas.
When we shall meet again!

Christmas Comes

Christmas comes with children singing,
Christmas comes with sleigh bells ringing,
Christmas comes with frosty nights,
Christmas comes with snowball fights.

Christmas comes with Santa Claus,
Christmas comes with snowy floors,
Christmas comes with robins and reindeer,
Chsitmas comes with a hearty cheer.

The Angels Had Returned

The angels had returned to heaven,
The shepherds to their quiet fold,
The magi to their eastern homeland,
The manger still was hard and cold.

And yet, the Infant Son of God
Could not remain in it for long:
A cruel despot’s ruthless threat
Drove Him to foreign land and tongue.

The Beautiful Mother

The beautiful Mother is bending
Low where her baby lies
Helpless and frail, for her tending:
But she knows the glorious eyes.

The Mother smiles and rejoices
While the Baby laughs in the hay,
She listens to heavenly voices:
This Child shall be King some day.

For You

My Christmas Rosary I say
For you upon this blessed day;

Each prayer a precious Christmas Rose
To please the Baby Child, who knows

How many joys I wish for you;
May every one of them come true!