Christian Christmas Poems

Its always good to send christian christmas poems for children in xmas season. Christmas is the time of blessing and people write christmas christian poems and send christian christmas cards. Here you will find christian poems for christmas to write on cards and send to friends. Read our christian christmas poems for kids.

On a silent, holy night

On a silent, holy night
Came Him who is Love and Light
He who was in a manger born
Is Jesus Christ – God’s Son.

He brought peace, joy, and love
Showering men with grace from above
He came to teach us how to live
And how blessed it is to give.

So as we celebrate His birth
This is what I sincerely pray:
That Christ will rule in your heart
May you know Him better each day.

I pray you always remember
Every day of this December
That Jesus Christ is the reason,
The reason for the season.

If You Look for me at Christmas

If you look for me at Christmas,
you won’t need a special star;
I’m no longer just in Bethlehem,
I’m right there where you are.

You may not be aware of Me
amid the celebrations.
You’ll have to look beyond the stores
and all the decorations.

But if you take a moment
from your list of things to do,
and listen to your heart, you’ll find
I’m waiting there for you.

You’re the one I want to be with,
you’re the reason that I came,
and you’ll find Me in the stillness,
as I’m whispering your name.

When We Were Kids Ourselves

When we were kids ourselves,
We thought of Christmas time,
To be just for us,
Parents were not the prime.

But now that we are older,
We see that Christmas is great.
Not just for young children,
But for for us adults who love to celebrate.

Do you believe
Or do you feel deceived
I hate to tell you
But the famous Santa is for real
Trust me, he is a big deal!

May the wonder of His grace

May the wonder of His grace,
reveal its magnificence in you
may the gratefulness you feel
be in all you say and do.

Let Christmas’ true meaning,
bring your Savior near today
may you see the need for Him
today . . . and every day.

Sleep, Beauty Bright

SLEEP, sleep, beauty bright,
Dreaming in the joys of night;
Sleep, sleep; in thy sleep
Little sorrows sit and weep.

Sweet babe, in thy face
Soft desires I can trace,
Secret joys and secret smiles,
Little pretty infant wiles.

O the cunning wiles that creep
In thy little heart asleep!
When thy little heart doth wake,
Then the dreadful night shall break.

Merry Christmas!!

A Time Of Blessings

A time of blessings and happiness.
A time of caroling and songs.
A time for giving thanks.
A time for presents for all.
A time of good cheer and friendship.
A time of love for all.
A time for helping others.
But most of all Christmas is a time
to stop and thank God for all that we have.

Milk And Cookies For Santa,

There’s milk and cookies for Santa,
And they look delicious to me.
There are four on a plate on the mantel,
And if I eat one, there will still be three.

Santa’s quite a plump fellow,
Looks like he eats well all year through.
If I eat one more of those cookies,
Santa will still have two.

Those cookies have made my mouth dry,
And now I need something to drink.
That milk is still quite chilly,
A few gulps will do it, I think.

Little Baby Jesus

Little baby Jesus,
so soft and so sweet
one day would have nails
pounded into His feet.

Tightly swaddled now,
in His mother’s loving arms
one day He would wear
a crown of prickly thorns.

Small cooing sounds,
He now softly sighs
one day to His Father
He’ll moan forsaken cries.

Little baby Jesus,
so soft and so sweet
came into the world
so Satan He could defeat.

A Special Place In The Heart

A special place in the heart
The snow all over the place,
There is a special space,
For all the Christmas fun,
For all the festivities and one,
So, enjoy your day,
As you celebrate it today,
Merry Christmas!

Dear Lord, We’re Here At

Dear Lord, we’re here at Christmas time
To honor your sacred birth,
Dear Savior, thank you for bringing all
Your precious gifts to earth.

As we delight in this holiday
With its bright and special pleasure,
We pray to remember all year round
That You are the only true treasure.
In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.